Louisiana Victim Notice and Registration Form

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Bobby Jindal
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux
Joey Watson
Executive Director
Robert Mehrtens
Deputy Director



The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement (LCLE) has an extensive history of providing support to the needs of the state’s victims of crime, as well as the needs of the state’s various criminal justice system components. In addition to applying for and administering federal grant funds affecting the state’s crime victims and criminal justice community, the LCLE has specifically shown support for law enforcement and victim services efforts such as that described by the Human Trafficking Task Force Program.


Louisiana suffered unprecedented, catastrophic damage as the result of hurricanes Katrina and Rita hitting the state in 2005. Louisiana residents and business owners are currently undertaking the rebuilding of the damaged areas in the southern part of the state. The rebuilding effort is monumental in scope and literally involves tens of thousands of workers in both skilled and unskilled positions. 


The LCLE has entered into a partnership with the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association (LSA) for the implementation of the Louisiana Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF). The Louisiana HTTF focuses its law enforcement and victim rescue efforts on the Interstate 10 (I-10) corridor from the Texas border on the West to the Mississippi border on the East. The I-10 corridor – which serves as the basic northern border of the hurricane ravaged areas of Louisiana - has long served as a major avenue of illegal immigration efforts. The I-10 corridor is the major avenue for those individuals participating in human trafficking to supply the labor needs in the hurricane damaged areas of the state. The Louisiana HTTF will have Law Enforcement, Training, and Victim Services components.


The Victim Services Provider partner, The Metropolitan Center for Women and Children, is participating with the LCLE and LSA in the Louisiana HTTF. The Louisiana HTTF uses regional law enforcement response teams that will identify and rescue victims of human trafficking in the targeted areas. Implementation will be accomplished according to a year-by-year plan based on data received from the field as the project develops. The LSA collects and analyzes the data in each of the grant years and makes recommendations to the Louisiana HTTF Policy Board as to the selection of the law enforcement agencies to spearhead the efforts in each of the grant years.


Project Goals and Objectives include identification and rescue, enforcement, prosecution, victim services, community outreach, training, and data collection & reporting.


 LCLE Human Trafficking Task Force Administrators can be reached at 225.342.1500